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Eyelash extension training is something we are very passionate about, sharing our knowledge with aspiring and experienced lash stylists alike is very rewarding.

Our aim is to encourage lash stylists to lift the standard of lash services that they offer. Furthermore, we want to educate consumers about eyelash extensions so that they can make better choices about where they get their lashes applied.

We are not just a team of great stylists that enjoy dabbling at training on the side. Between us, we have ten years experience, training across Ireland. We constantly seek to further our own knowledge of different techniques and products and to share this knowledge with other stylists so that the industry itself always moves forward.

Doe Eyes Career

What we are offering you is not just a course, but a career. We are offering you support, encouragement and, hopefully, the ability to reach your full potential. Start dreaming. If you choose and persist at a career that you love, in an environment which is positive for you, with a proactive, progressive mindset – it is possible to achieve everything you want.

The Course
Why should you choose our training?

Our training courses are limited to a maximum of four attendees, as we feel this gives the right balance of interaction and one on one attention, leading to better results.

Our training is the most intensive, practical and complete classic eyelash extension course in UK and Ireland to date. We believe that it is no longer good enough to be certified to provide this service, you must be qualified – meaning that being shown what to do, does not mean you will do it to the standard that we are setting. Consistent practice, progressive theory and constant re-evaluations in the first three months of your training is not only necessary, but essential, as we feel it is the ONLY way we can guarantee your success.

How long is the course?

Our course is spread out over a period of three months. It will consist of four theory days:

During the course of the three months, we will ask you to allocate time weekly to carry out case studies on models in the salon. We will ask a minimum of 1 attendance per week and a maximum of three. We’re flexible, and here all the time, so you can easily schedule these into your life. Each case study will take approx. 4 hours.


We also offer apprenticeships for successfully qualified trainees to join our team for a three month period. This vital experience will enable you to meet clients demands and acquire an understanding of the variety of natural lashes you will come across through your career. This is the interesting part. We’ll be there to guide you and give you all the ammunition you need to deal with all situations.

Job Opportunities

To outstanding trainees, we will offer the opportunity of full-time employment as a Doe Eyes therapist, should you show enthusiasm, good team work ethic and drive.