Bricks & Bones: Building Doe Eyes

My IT and PR guru - Lauren - told me that I need to start blogging.

I'm a terrible writer. I know it, my Swiss equivalent of the leaving cert told me so.

I am however quite fond of recounting my upbringing - and talking in abundance about how amazing the girls in Doe Eyes are. So I'll start with those two...

I watched a YouTube video a few years back. Ashton Kutcher was giving a speech on how success was masked as hard work. He started off his working life by sweeping floors in a factory, then working as a coffee shop manager, and so on. Moral of the story was, every job will bring you to your next, every challenge will be a lesson learnt - just keep driving towards what you want, one job and challenge at a time and you'll get there. He's one insightful cookie.

I've a funny curriculum vitae.

Babysat at 14, taught English to French children at 15, served as a liaison and helped my parents manage the Saudi-Arabian royal family palace in Geneva, Switzerland from the age of 16.  Sounds a bit crazy, right? It didn't seem so to me but it's all I have known and working hard gave me great satisfaction. Academia - not so much.

Work taught me I was responsible, efficient and pro-active. Academia showed me that I couldn't understand complex theorems and that my over-active right-hemisphere would lead me to be a lost individual. At the time, I cursed the system for that. Now, I thank it.

After my 12 year stint in the land of time-keeping and Toblerone-eating, I came home.

The next ten years consisted mostly of discovering the world of lash artistry, with a zest of family grievances, general life boo-boos and a sprinkling of mad nights out to give me some important lessons along the way.

Life thus far had already donated a substantial amount of bricks to lay down my future path towards happiness, I just didn't know how and where to lay them down yet.

Life exposed me to beautiful interiors and nurturing souls, but also greed that comes with wealth and disease which stems from unhappiness. All, good lessons to learn.

I started as a sole-trader four years ago. It was fun and I felt accomplished. If life was a film, it would be dirty dancing.  But the reality I live in now puts that baby in the corner.

Doe Eyes opened its doors in December 2015, and what I then discovered was people. Clients - beautiful. Locals - beautiful. But most importantly - Colleagues. They are my biggest accomplishment to date. Choose wisely, and they will transform you.

To date, we have a team of four. Sinead, Jennie and Annie. (Oh and me, of course) and it is because of them; we are strong, we are growing and we will excel.

Sinead has a Manager's head; she's organised, wise, insanely strong and empathetic. We play rugby together. She really is the strongest person I know. She has gone through so much hardship yet nurtures others instead of dwelling on it. That's her gift.

Jennie is the most insanely talented lash-artist I know. It embarrasses me to compare our work. She's the epitome of a perfectionist, a divil with her moo(n)-swings (she is very intuitive) and an incredibly close friend.

Annie is our most recently added team member - and boy does she slot in perfectly. She's got the left and right hemisphere perfectly balanced, she does both accounts and beauty treatments with ease and to perfection. You couldn't not love her. But I'll always love her more.

My past life experiences and challenges were my bricks but those three individuals are the structure of Doe Eyes. A body can't survive without bones and I couldn't survive without them. We're paving our way towards success and becoming happier than we thought we could be. And heck, it's fun.

So to my Bricks and Bones - let's keep on keeping on!

Jess x